Until now, I never...
Wore the Schoolhouse Tunic that I Made


A few months back I wrote a post about a sewing class I took, and the garment I made in that class, that I thought I would wear every day.  Well I shouldn’t have said that.  Because here it is 6 months later, and I haven’t it worn it yet.  Until today that is.  Today is Thanksgiving, and you must dress appropriately for Thanksgiving.  Tight jeans or anything with a belt just won’t work for the amount of stomach expansion I always experience on Thanksgiving.

Thank goodness for stretch pants, or leggings as we call them today, because they are Thanksgiving enablers.  But leggings must be paired with a top of appropriate length, and I own too few of those.  But perusing my closet, there it was, staring me in the face, a beautiful garment of appropriate length that I had made myself.  I had never trimmed all of the loose threads on it, and the reason I never wore it was because, while viewed from the front it is perfectly gorgeous, viewed from the side it kind of makes me look pregnant.  Which could be a fun experiment, watching people’s confused expressions as they wonder weather this 47 year old woman could possibly be pregnant, but not fun enough to overcome the fact that it makes me look fat.  But really, what better garment to wear on Thanksgiving than a maternity shirt?

So trimmed all of the strings, put it on, and that was that.  It was still super cute from the front, and as the day wore on so did the fabric, and the puffiness went down quite a bit.  And as I knew it would be, it was the perfect Thanksgiving outfit.  I’m sure I’ll be wearing it throughout the holiday season.