Until now, I never...
Wore Two Different Colored Shoes


This morning we got up at the crack of dawn and headed to the airport.  We were embarking on our annual getaway to Alabama’s Golf Coast, and would be spending most of our day traveling.  How the heck would I do something today that I’ve never done before?  I decided to wear two different colored shoes.  I wear Converse sneakers practically every day and I have four pair in grey, green, brown, and black.  So I put one green sneaker on my left foot and one grey sneaker on my right.  And did anyone notice?  Barely.  Even going through airport security, taking off my shoes and putting them in the bin, nobody said a word.  Granted everyone is so stressed out about getting themselves through security, the last things they’re probably doing is checking out other people’s shoes, but I still thought there’d be comment.  Finally when we were waiting for the shuttle to take us to the other terminal, Nadine said, “Mom, you put on two different colored shoes!” as if it was a mistake.  “I know, it’s my I Never for today,” I told her, which she is very used to hearing at this point, so she just nodded her head.  And when we finally got to our beach house about ten hours later, my niece noticed right away.