Until now, I never...
Wrote a Personal Manifesto


This was an exercise presented in my Alchemy Mastery class, and I was really excited to write my manifesto.  Beth, my teacher, sent the class a bunch of links to web-sites with information and inspiration on writing your own personal manifesto (which I’ve pasted below).  So after the kids went to bed I sat at my computer and decided to dive in.  To be honest, though, I only just got started on it.  I don’t know what I was thinking.  This is not a one evening exercise.

First I got really lost in reading the information Beth sent.  Then I just started writing and writing and writing.  It started getting pretty late, so I stopped.  One of the sites said that it’s important to step away and come back to it later.  So I decided it was time to do that, and went to bed.

So now I have a very messy, wordy and unwieldy first draft, but I hope to edit and shape it in the next few days.  We’ll see.  I’ll update this ‘I Never’ when I’m done.

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