Until now, I never...
Wrote and On-Line Review

four forks

Until today I’ve never reviewed or ranked anything on-line, although I rely on on-line reviews all the time.  Whether it’s a movie on Netflix, a book on Amazon, or a recipe on Epicurious, those reviews almost always influence my choice.  So today I decided to give back, so to speak, and be one of the influencers.  Today I wrote a review on Epicurious on the delicious chocolate cake I make for Three Kings Day.  I gave that cake 4 forks and wrote a glowing review.  Because that was one darn good cake.

Perhaps another ‘I Never’ should be to write a bad review.  Like for the cute orange clock Miles got for Christmas which stopped working after a week.  We’ll see.  I think it probably feels better to write about something you love.