Indian Summer in the Northwest

Holy cow, the first day of fall was almost two weeks ago, and we’re still having summer-like weather.  It hasn’t rained for something like 70 days, except for a couple of really brief showers, and on my iPhone weather app, there is nothing but a yellow orb showing for the next seven days, with highs into the 70s.  I love it!  I’m sure it’s contributing to why we’ve all been happy and getting along so well lately.

This perfect fall weather also means that I’m still picking tomatoes, and we’re still having fun playing outside.  When I pick the kids up at school at 3:00, we never seem to leave the playground until after 4:00.  So the kids get to play like crazy, I don’t have to schedule so many play dates, and I am getting to know the other moms at school, as we sit in the sun and chit chat at the playground.

Also, we’ve either walked, biked, scootered, unicycled, or roller-bladed to and from school every single day.  I wouldn’t have thought it was possible to get the kids up and out the door in enough time to get to school without driving, but the kids love it.  The one time I frantically said, ‘We’re late, we have to drive!’ the kids had a fit, and I thought to myself, ‘Okay then, maybe it’s better to get a little exercise and fresh air before school, than be perfectly on time.’  And we weren’t even that late.

The route to school is lovely.  It’s mostly down hill, and we go a certain way that has uneven pieces of sidewalk that are like jumps, so the kids can catch some major air.  But at the end of the day, the way home is mostly up hill, and the kids are convinced that the least hilly route is along a really busy street.  This way is far from scenic, but it does give them some good exposure to city living.

First we cut through the Budget truck rental parking lot that has speed bumps for some good air.  Next up is the Plasma Center, where you see people lined up who need money so badly they sell their blood.  Actually, as down on their luck as they may be, they almost always smile and make way for us, especially when Nadine is on her unicycle.

After that is the Love Zone, where there are skinny white mannequins in the windows with sexy outfits on.  Sometimes we look at them and try to decide which outfit would look best on me.  And sometimes there is a guy on the street, a pretty scruffy and disheveled guy, holding up a big sign with an arrow pointing back to the Love Zone that says “Free Sexy Panties’.  I asked him the other day if I could just walk into the store and they’d hand over my free panties, and he said, “No, I tried that.  You actually have to buy something.”  Bummer.

The Love Zone

Then after we cross at the light, we go by the plumbing supply store, which has an assortment of sinks and toilets lined up outside.  Yesterday, as we were biking past, I saw an old guy (and I mean ancient) come out of the store with a t-shirt on that said “Blink if you want me.”  Priceless.  Then comes the Thai Food restaurant, which smells so good and makes us all starving, then it’s all down hill from there, and we’re home free.

Toilets for Sale

I love these new rituals.  If I were still working full time I’d be racing the kids to school in the car, and racing them back home at night.  Having time to do simple things like riding bikes to and from school with my kids is not something I’d thought would be such a bonus, but now I want it to last forever.

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