La Pietà

It’s been a while since I’ve added a new blog post.  My original goal when I started this blog was two posts per week.  Then I kind of slowed it down to one.  But now that I’ve included the “I Never Log”, I’ve been busy trying to catch up on logging my ‘I Nevers’, and have neglected my regular blog.  Add to that the kids’ activities (karate, soccer, basketball, gymnastics, camp-fire girls – too much!), Krypton Community College (more on that later), re-organizing the house after Nadine moved her room into the TV room, my parents’ visit, and Todd’s bookkeeping, I’m hardly feeling like a trophy wife these days, much less a blogger.

So all of that rambling is just a long prelude, and excuse, for today’s short post – just one picture from the weekend.  But it makes me laugh so hard, I thought I’d share it.

La Pietà

Happy Monday!

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