Okay 2017, Here We Go!

Even though there are plenty of reasons to be skeptical of 2017, or even worried as hell, I am starting off the new year full of hope. Even though an orange narcissistic child full of false bravado is about to take office, I am hopeful that we will not, as a country, move backwards. I am hopeful that there will be a powerful reaction to the calamity of the 2016 election, and as a result, communities will grow stronger, news will become more factual, elections will become more fair, art will be more prolific, and people will become braver, kinder, and more empathetic. If you read any political comments on social media you are probably saying to yourself, “She’s crazy!” Well, you may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one…

Winter Solstice

My friend Sonya of KB Design created this image for her Winter Solstice celebration invite. I love it so much. So perfect for these times…

For 2017 I am also full of hope for my family and myself, that we will continue to move forward in the right direction, and that we will have a year of health, prosperity, love, and creativity. In fact, as I thought about my New Year’s resolutions, I decided to put them into those four categories, which I then put into a little table, like so:

Intentions for 2017:
HEALTH Alchohol and Sugar Exercise and Fresh Air
PROSPERITY Worry Marketing
LOVE Interrupting Listening
CREATIVITY Procrastination Productivity

Originally I had a much longer resolution list, but I decided to ditch it and simplify, because SIMPLIFY is my word for 2017. Because, if I might quote John Lennon again, All you need is love, right? So my intention is to focus on the things I love, and let go of the other things that get in the way. What if we all focused more on what we love and desire the most, and not so much on the things we hate or fear? That’s a pretty tall order right now, I know, but let’s give it a try shall we?

Yes, there will always be those things I hate to do that I have to do, like paying bills, doing taxes, and picking up dog poop, but I sure would like to live with a lot less of the clutter and noise that just get in the way of focusing on what I really want.

I often tell my kids, “Don’t tell me what you don’t want, tell me what you want!” Why is it so much easier sometimes to know what you don’t want? Almost five years ago I jumped out of an unsatisfying career, and I’ve been on what seems like a long slow journey of defining the new one I want, based on the things I love, and it’s a constant challenge to feel confident about my choices, and to figure out how to succeed with them. But it’s what I want, so I’m just going to keep going for it.

There’s nothing like a new year to evaluate and adjust! This year I’m keeping it simple. Because with simplification comes focus, organization, integration, and letting go. That, in a nutshell, is my plan for 2017. 

Wishing everyone health, prosperity, love, and creativity in 2017!

Happy New Year


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