Spring Break

We got back on Monday night from our most excellent Spring Break vacation.  We were gone for eleven days, and it was fantastic.  We went to The South to visit my sister’s family in Tennessee and my parents in South Carolina, and even though the weather was pretty crumby (cloudy, rainy, cold, and even snow – but a few nice days too!) we had a blast.  We stayed up late every night playing Rumikubs and cards (and I stayed up even later watching Mad Men), slept in every morning, and packed in a whole bunch of fun.  Here’s some of what we did…

First stop, Chattanooga, Tennessee where we went to the Jump Park:
Miles at the Jump Park

We checked out the alien’s house:
Chattanooga's Alien House

We went to the aquarium:
Chattanooga Aquarium

Chattanooga Aquarium - Shark Attack!

Chattanooga Aquarium - Shark Tank

And to the butterfly house:
Nadine holding a butterfly

Chattanooga Butterfly House

We watched my nephew’s lacrosse game:
Miles at Joshua's lacrosse game

Then we drove to South Carolina, leaving Chattanooga in the snow.  Six hours later we were at my parents’ house on a small island in South Carolina where…

We went crabbing:
Crabbing in Callawassie

The kids swam:  (Much too cold for me!)
Swimming in the cold at Callawassie

We took the boat for a spin:
Nadine driving the boat with Bonpapa

Miles on the boat

We played golf:
Nadine looks like a professional

Playing gold at Callawassie

We played tennis:
Playing tennis in Callawassie

We saw all kinds of birds:

And alligators:
Alligators on the golf course

We went fishing:
What kind of fish is that??

We went strawberry picking:
Stawberry picking

Miles got a crew cut:
Miles at the barber shop

Miles feels his new 'do

We had an Easter egg hunt:
Easter egg hunt on Callawassie

And celebrated Easter:
Easter bunnies

But the thing the kids liked best of all was driving the golf cart.  It rained so much one night that the golf courses were closed the next day because of flooding.  So the kids and I hopped in the cart and on bikes, and we drove all over the island on the golf paths, splashing through all of the puddles, laughing our heads off.

Kids on the cart - watch out!

Golf cart fun

Golf cart fun

As you can see, what had tons of fun.  The only bummer was that Todd couldn’t join us.  His busy season is picking up so he had to work, poor guy, although I’m sure he enjoyed having a bachelor pad to himself.  But we missed him, and he missed us, and on Easter Sunday I got a text from him with a sound file attached to it.  He had written us an Easter song, which I played it for the whole family at Easter dinner.  Click here to listen to it. I think it might get picked up by a major label and become an Easter classic.  At least it will in our family.

Happy  Spring!  Happy Easter!

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