Spring Intentions

In conjunction with the Spring Equinox, I began my classes with the Alchemy Mastery School.  I am super excited about the program, and I love my teacher Beth, but I have to admit, it’s not without hesitation that I embrace some of the ideas and practices of this kind of spirituality, or ‘woo woo stuff’ as I like to call it. I grew up on the east coast in a pretty conservative Catholic household, and to me this is the stuff of new age hippies.  Really shouldn’t I start wearing long flowing skirts, Birkenstocks, feather earrings, and ditch the bra?  Oh, and there should be crystals hanging from my rear view mirror, and dream-catchers in my windows at home.  Right?  But really, this isn’t new stuff at all.  It’s old old old stuff.  Stuff that has been around forever, just not so much in this country or the town I grew up in.

But I believe in karma.  I believe we are all connected.  I’m on a quest for self-discovery, and I want my kids to have a strong sense of self, so this stuff really speaks to me right now.  In fact, I love it.  So I am going to share some of it on my blog.

According to my teacher Beth, spring brings a new cycle of personal creativity and inspiration, leading up to the Summer Solstice, and is a great time to set your personal goals and intentions for the upcoming 3-months, as well as your ‘big-picture dreams’ for the future.  She gave us a worksheet to fill out, and I thought it was a great exercise to go through, so I decided to post it, even though it touches upon things I’ve already talked about in my blog.  Okay, here goes:

Intentions for Spring 2013

Short Term Intentions  (What are your short term goals or intentions? These seem reasonable to achieve in the next three weeks to three months. What are the concrete manifestations that you envision for the near future? In the space below write three to five short term intentions)

  • Spring cleaning:  Plant and plan my garden.  De-clutter my home.  Put things aside for a garage sale and/or Good Will.  Make a plan to spruce up the kitchen and dining room.
  • Create a vision and a path:  Create my ‘inspiration board’ and make my goals and schedule visible.  Incorporate the whole family’s goals and schedule.  Create a collage with images I love that support my vision.  Communicate better with Todd about how to find balance.
  • Write:  Continue writing in my blog.  Be a bit braver.  Get more creative with my writing.  Also, keep a daily private journal of goal setting, synchronicities, inspirations, and appreciations.
  • Budget:  Understand and review our budget with Todd and create our financial goals together.  Set up and hand off bookkeeping process to Todd & Jim.  Do our taxes.
  • Lean and grow:  Read books.  Take classes.  Get away from the computer more and explore my creativity by making things by hand.
  • Be healthy:  Boot-camp, bike riding, more veggies, less sugar, yoga.
  • Be a great mom:  Be there for the kids, but teach them responsibility, respect, and confidence.  Be the best role model I can.
  • (Oops that was 7 things, not 3-5.)

Long Term Intentions  (Now consider your long term visions. These are your dreams, your hopes, and desires. Allow yourself to imagine what you would really like to have in your life. These intentions do NOT need to feel practical. You don’t need to know the steps toward achieving them. You just need to feel inspired by the vision. In the space below write three to five long term intentions. Reach for the stars)

  • Career:  I want to find a satisfying way to make plenty of money, so that we all can live meaningful and comfortable lives.  I want to be creative, work with other amazing creative people that I love and trust, plus have the flexibility I need to have a happy family and balanced lifestyle.  I want to find something I would be happy doing for the rest of my life.
  • Family, kids, and spouse:  I want to raise well-socialized, amazing kids, who have a good sense of self:  who know who they are, what they’re good at, and what they love to do.  I want a happy family that loves to spend time together.  I want us to travel  together to places near and far, and to visit and spend time with our extended family and friends.  I want Todd and I to feel like we’re both doing our very best every day to support a happy and healthy family, to have a solid and loving relationship with each other, to listen and try to truly understand each other, and to be good role models as parents and citizens.
  • Home:  I want a home that is simple, pretty, cozy and tidy.  I want a kitchen and dining area that is functional, spacious, and pretty, with easy access to a beautiful back yard garden and studio space.  I want the house to be cozy for just us, but fun for groups of friends and family to visit.  I want it to support creativity, relaxation, socializing, and fun.
  • Health:  I want Todd and I to stay fit and healthy and in love.  I don’t want us to feel like we’re getting old, I want us to feel like we’re continually growing and improving.  I want our kids to have activities and habits that set the foundation to keep them healthy and strong.

Planetary Intentions  (You can also compose “big picture” planetary intentions – these are intentions related to healing and abundance for all. You can compose these intentions in the form of a list, or as a blessing)

  • I want it to be easier for women to find balance in their lives.  I want our community and culture to change so that women don’t feel like they have to be ‘superwomen’ – work full time, raise kids, and be great wives.  That they can find the balance they need with their partner and their jobs and their community so that they don’t feel like they’re doing it all, but that they’re not doing it all well.
  • I want people to be more comfortable connecting in the physical world.  I want it to be the norm for people to walk down the street and make eye contact and say ‘good morning’ to each other.  That we feel more comfortable inviting people to stay for dinner, knocking on a neighbor’s door to borrow a cup of sugar, or watch our kids for a few minutes.
  • I want love, honesty, and community to overtake fear, greed, and isolation.

Okay.  So there you have it.  Just a few simple things I want to manifest now, in the future, and for the whole world.  Let’s hope I can make it all happen!!  But right now I have to run off to school and pick up the kids…

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