Summer Half-Time

Wow, I have really been neglecting my blog lately.  I’m over a month behind in posting my ‘I Nevers‘ and it’s been three weeks since I published my last regular blog post.  But I suppose that is the sign of a good summer.

Summer is about at its mid-point, and we are totally embracing the laissez-faire lifestyle that comes with it.  We got back late Sunday night from our annual week at the beach where the only thing on the agenda was showing up for dinner.  Our days in Seattle aren’t too different and include sleeping in, eventually making our way to Greenlake, and then staying at Greenlake until around 9pm or so.  At 7pm the lifeguards go off duty, and that is when things get crazy – everybody’s favorite time of day/night.  The kids head straight to the dock with the low and high diving boards and spend the next two hours or so jumping, flipping, diving, and belly-flopping.  When someone flubs their diving board move and lands smack on their back, belly, and/or face, you hear a group groan emanate from the beach, as the parental lifeguards recollect memories from their own summer days of yore when they too often landed with an unfortunate smack on the water.  But that doesn’t slow these kids down one bit, and they hop right back on line, continuing to hone their awesome diving board skills.

Sunsetting at GreenlakeWith such a laid-back lifestyle, why the heck haven’t I been blogging?  Well I suppose it’s because when I’m not vacationing or taking the kids to Greenlake, I’m either working on two web-sites that are about to launch, or sewing like the wind getting ready for my first craft-fair attempt at selling my pillows (this Saturday – more to come on that), or attempting to keep the house and yard from looking like Armageddon.  Which probably doesn’t sound so laid-back, but thankfully since it’s summer I suppose, I have a pretty laid-back approach to these endeavors.

Our deck in the summer-time

If we’re not at Greenlake, this is what our deck looks like in the summer-time.

So in an effort to not neglect my blog for too long, today I’ve decided to post eight pictures, choosing one from each day of our relaxing and fun-filled Gulf Coast family escape.  For the past ten or so years, every July, we’ve been traveling to the opposite corner of our country to have a family reunion.  There were twenty-four of us this year:  17 members of my side of the family in one house, and 7 members of my best friend from growing up’s family in the house right next door.  I feel so extremely fortunate to have this annual getaway with my family and friends (who are really family too), whom I adore.

Here are the photos…

Day 1:  Sunday.  We flew into Pensecola Florida, rented a car and drove to our house in Fort Morgan, Alabama.  As we crossed the state line we came to an area called “Flori-bama” and snapped this shot:


Day 2:  Monday.  Oh no!  I didn’t take any pictures this day.  How is this possible?  Here’s one from another day of the week, which is pretty much what every day at around 6pm looked like:

Cocktail time at the beach

Day 3:  Tuesday.  This is what dinner at the house looked like:

dinner-timeDay 4:  Wednesday.  Wednesday night is always dinner at Tacky Jack’s.  This is the view from the deck where we dined.

sunset at Tacky JacksDay 5:  Thursday.  The kids are in and out of the water from dawn ’til dusk.  Dusk gives the water a pretty pink glow.

Swimming at dusk

Day 6:  Friday.  The annual mini-golf championship of the world:

Mini Gulf at Gulf ShoresDay 7:  Saturday.  The last full day at the beach means time for the family photo shoot.

Family photo shootDay 8:  Sunday.  Time to head back to Seattle.  What a week it has been!

Heading homeWe have no other trips of get-aways planned for the rest of the summer.  Time to enjoy Seattle at its finest!  But while August in Seattle is amazing, I know that we’re also about to turn the corner with our excitement for this lifestyle, and soon enough I am going to be very (very!) excited for school to start.

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