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My View at Work

My View at Work

For the past four weeks I’ve been working as a part-time contractor at Nordstrom, doing web development work.  My first week on the job coincided with the last week of school, and on the Sunday night before my first day, when I was saying goodnight to Miles, I said, “Remember, you’re going to have to get yourself to school tomorrow because I’ll be at work.”  And Miles said, “Ok.  But why did you get a job?  Summer is just about to start.  What were you thinking?!”

I have to admit, I”m not sure what I was thinking.  It all just kind of happened.  My friend who I share my office space with had recently signed up with an employment agency that specializes in creative work, so I decided to check out their web site, and when I did I noticed that there were lots of WordPress jobs listed.  So I applied for one of the jobs on-line, and the next day they called me and asked me to come in for an interview.

The interview went well, and I was shown a job listing for a WordPress web developer at Nordstrom – for a full-time, on-site, temp-to-perm position.  I told her that none of those three things interested me, but she said she’d talk to them and get back to me.  When she did she said they would be okay with flex-time, off-site freelancing, and so she set up an interview.  After a phone interview and and in-person interview, I got the job.  (Ok then, here we go!)

I talked to the kids about it and told them that when summer vacation started I’d be working at home in the mornings and we could go to Greenlake in the afternoons, and that sometimes I’d have to go into the office, and they said, “Fine.”  So on June 8th I got up early, made myself a ham and cheese sandwich, wrapped it in foil, shoved it in my purse, grabbed my book, and headed to the bus stop.  It was kind of fun being back on the bus with the other commuters, and I really enjoyed my thirty minutes of me time, reading my book and playing Words With Friends with Barb.  Then I jumped off the bus and walked the few blocks to the Nordstrom headquarters.  It felt like it had been a very long time since I’d done this, and it was actually pretty fun being part of the working-world down-town morning hub-bub again.

The closer I got to my office, the nicer the outfits of the other people on the street got. When as I entered the building and got on the elevator, I thought, Wow! The employees here dress nicer than I ever do.  And the shoes!  There were so many super stylish people – both guys and girls, but mostly girls, but I guess that’s not too surprising.


For the past four weeks I’ve had my ups and downs, adjusting to my new schedule, finding the right bus route, figuring out what to wear (I gave most of my fancy work clothes away) and making sure the kids are occupied while I’m gone.  Like most everyone who starts a new job, I felt like an idiot at the beginning.  I couldn’t find my way around the building, felt insecure about the number of hours I was working, wasn’t confident in the approach I was taking with the work, and worst of all, I accidentally sent a test email message to everyone in the stores.  (I had pasted in the Lorem Ipsum for dummy content and got a message back, “Why am I getting an email in Latin??”)  Good grief!

But little by little I’ve been gaining confidence and finding my groove.  I still have a ways to go, but this feels like a pretty good gig:  flex-time, the ability to work both remotely and on-site, for a good company, with exposure to all sorts of new learning opportunities and a regular paycheck.  I don’t think I could have done this last year or when the kids were younger, but I am very thankful that this opportunity came along when it did.  Now I just need to find some time to make pillows (and write in my blog.)  I have a sale coming up on August 15th at the Seattle Street Food Festival.  My first big one.  More to come on that!

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