The Women’s March

I know, the Women’s March may seem like old news, especially with all of the other crazy news in the past week, but I still wanted to write about it, because it was so great. Because it was so inspiring and hopeful. And because it seems like it was just the beginning.

The day before the march I swung by JoAnn fabrics and bough a yard of bright pink fleece fabric. Then a friend of mine came over, and together we made eight square fleece hats. They were really quick and easy to make, and according to the internet, if you make a square hat, when you put it on your head you automatically get little cat ears. And it worked! I also decided to sew on some whiskers for extra kitty style, and they came out great.

The next morning my family and some friends, all wearing pink hats, jumped in the van and headed down town to partake in the Women’s March. Along the way lots of people honked and cheered at us, and we were excited to see so many other pink hats out there.

I was lucky enough to score a parking spot near Seattle Center – the end point of the march – so we parked the van and started walking along the parade route towards the start, met up with more friends, and found a place to jump in with the other marchers. I wasn’t sure what to expect – a week earlier I had contemplated not going in case things got crazy, but we decided we all needed to go as a family, and I didn’t want to regret missing it.

I dressed for rain, which is always a sure way to get sun, and it worked like a charm. It was a beautiful day. In so many ways. There were SO many people, but it was a “silent” march, which started off really quiet, but as the day progressed, it got louder. People didn’t really start chanting or shouting, but once in a while a wave of cheering would make it’s way from the end of the parade to the front, and vice versa. So cool.

The energy was the best – happy, hopeful, funny, peaceful.¬†And it seems like the same can be said of the other women’s marches that took place around the world. In Seattle¬†they expected around 50,000 people and instead they think there were 130,000. Despite the crowd size, it never felt too crowded or crazy. Nope. Just inspiring and hopeful. It made me proud.

Here are a few photos.

Women's March Seattle

Women's March Seattle

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