Welcome 2015!

2015So long 2014!  You were an action-packed year, but you are so last year, and I am so ready to move on to 2015.  I probably say this every year, but I am very excited about the new year, and very optimistic.  I have big intentions, and for the first time since I quit my job, I feel like I have a solid direction.  The past two years have been transformative, full of trying new things, and 2015 is my year to integrate it all. So my theme for 2015 is integration.

Merriam-Webster’s definition of integrate is:

All of the above definitions are part of my plan to integrate in 2015.  Here’s how:

1.  Integrate : To combine (two or more things) to form or create something.

Already there are a lot of ways I integrate multiple things into one.  Like my morning commute.  It’s so much more than a commute!  It’s also exercise, fresh air, time with my kids, time at school, time in my neighborhood, time with the trees, the birds, and the weather.  My office is 1.5 miles from my house, I leave at 8:25am on my bike, with my kids, who walk, run or bike with me.  I drop them off at school, chat with parents, continue to my office, arriving around 8:45am, invigorated.

I can’t imagine a better way to start my morning.  I especially love the conversations I have with my kids on the way, like “What is pot, mom?” (we pass a medical marijuana store on our way) and our fantastic brainstorming.  This week Miles and I talked about how much fun it would be to make heavy metal music videos about kid safety.  Using our best satanic voices, we made up lines like:  “Crossing at the crosswalk, cars make rights on red, a big truck may not see you, crush you, now you’re dead.”  Anyway…

This year I intend to integrate more by combining multiple things to make something even greater.  Like Aristotle said, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” I want that to be a guiding principle for me in 2015.

2.  Integrate : To make (something) part of a larger thing.

I put a lot of things on my plate:  blogging, web development, pillow-making, participating in Krypton, Todd’s bookkeeping, and more.  With the exception of bookkeeping, I love them all, but often wonder if I am doing too much.  Should I narrow my focus onto just one of these areas?  Am I compromising my chances of being successful by having too many interests?  Am I nuts?  Maybe.  But I’ve decided to let go of that stinkin’ thinkin’ (as Stuart Smalley would say) because that’s who I am. I love doing lots of things.

Even though they may seem like separate ventures, they’re not entirely.  I feel like they feed each other.  The blogging helps me formulate ideas.  I write about what’s important to me.  It keeps me committed, makes me more comfortable with putting myself “out there”,  and helps me better understand blogging and the platform.  Web development allows me to use and improve my technical skills in a creative way, while working directly with entrepreneurs.  Making pillows feeds my creativity in a more tactile way, but also exposes me to the complexities of creating and selling a product.  Krypton is where I meet with other people on a similar journey so that we can learn from each other.  And while bookkeeping isn’t my favorite, it’s teaching me about accounting and taxes. (Bleck!)

When I look at all of my endeavors, there actually is a theme there.  All of these things are providing me with the creative life I was missing before I jumped.  They’re all helping me move out of the box I used to be in, to create a better lifestyle for myself and my family, and to inspire and support others to do the same.  They’re all part of a much larger thing – my quest for the good life and a new type of future.

So my intention for this year is to integrate these ventures even more, to make them more cohesive, and to make them all clearly part of one bigger thing.

3. Integrate : To make (a person or group) part of a larger group or organization.

Usually when I think of this definition of integration, I think of it on a social level, like racial integration.  But on personal level I want to apply this definition in 2015 by integrating more people into my journey.  So my intention for this year is to integrate mentors, partners, and other people on a similar path into my work. Helen Keller said, “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”  I want to do so much.

So there you have it.  My intentions for integration in 2015. Isn’t it exciting?

Now to move beyond my intentions, let’s see what the the universe’s intentions are for me.  First my horoscope…

SCORPIOWow, if  astrology.com is right, Scorpios are going to have an amazing 2015!  Here are some favorite tidbits from my horoscope for the year:  “You’re finally breaking out of the dark tunnel of transformation that seemed to last for an eternity. Instead of feeling like a ghost in your own life, you’re going to reincarnate into greatness.”  “This new phase is about breaking free from the limitations of fear, darkness and insecurity.”  “You’re definitely on a quest for meaning and truth.”  “You have not this kind of career support in 12 years, so don’t miss out on this golden opportunity to take your vision to the next level.”  “Imagine releasing all of the chains and emotional baggage that was weighing down your heart and spirit, so that you can totally run free. That’s what 2015 is about for you, Scorpio! Greener and wider pastures, baby!”  Wow, that is exactly what I want!

Next, let’s check Chinese astrology…

goatThis year, starting in February, will be the year of the goat, and the goat is a symbol of peace, harmony, and tranquility.  I was born in the year of the horse, and the horse and the goat have a harmonious relationship, so this year should be favorable, with good opportunities, and according to this site, “The coast is finally clear and your versatility will enable you to get the most out of life.”  Excellent!

So there you have it, lot’s of great possibilities for the new year.   Now it’s time to get started!  I have a feeling it’s going to be a great 2015 for a lot us.

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

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