What We Did Over Summer Vacation

School started last Tuesday, and summer vacation is a thing of the past.  As we dive head first into our routines of getting up early for school, packing lunches, homework, soccer, gymnastics, choir, campfire girls, etc, let’s do a quick recap of all the fun we had this summer.

At the beginning of summer we all made lists of the things we wanted to do.

Nadine's summer list

Well, we didn’t do everything on our lists, but we did do a lot.  For example…

  1. We kicked off summer with the Fremont Solstice Parade, which is always excellent, but this year it was missing something.  Us!  Hopefully we’ll get a float together for 2013.
    Solstice Parade 2012
  2. I quit my job!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. We implemented a ‘bean jar’ program.  If the kids are respectful all day, they can earn 5 beans.  If they do anything disrespectful during the day, like talk back, not clean up, or teat each other badly, they lose a bean.  Later I added the incentive that if they go the whole day without screen time, they can double their beans for the day.  Once they’ve filled their jars, they can get a big ticket item, like a unicycle, skateboard, or lego set, and we’ll make bean soup.  We’re still working on it…
    Respect Jars
  4. We ran the stairs.  Usually just I ran the stairs, but then I told them that for every flight they ran, I would add a bean to their jar.  One time Nadine ran the stairs 12 times AND was respectful all day AND had no screen time (double beans) and earned 34 beans!
  5. We visited the kids’ preschool.  Here the kids are with Teacher Susan, the best pre-school teacher in the universe!
    Teacher Susan at Beginnings II
  6. The kids did a week of PE camp at their school, and Nadine brought home a unicycle to borrow for the summer.
  7. We made home-made tortellini.  We called it ‘artisan tortellini’ because of the vast variation in size and shape, but they were delicious!Home-made tortellini
  8. We went to Pike Place Market and held snakes.  I don’t know why a family was there with about 10 snakes that they let anyone hold, but the kids loved it.
    Snakes at Pike Place Market
  9. The kids took swimming lessons.
  10. We saw the Seafair pirates at Alki Beach.
    Seafair Pirates at Alki Beach
  11. We hung out at Greenlake.
    Nadine at Greenlake
  12. I joined the North End Flower Club.
  13. We visited my best friend Barb and her family in Tampa, Florida.
    Tampa Vacation
  14. We had our annual family reunion week at the Gulf Coast in Alabama.
    Fort Morgan, Alabama
  15. I went country dancing with some girlfriends at The Little Red Hen.
  16. The kids did a week of camp at the Pacific Science Center while I refinished furniture.
  17. I started a blog!
  18. We played in the Seattle Center fountain.
    Seattle Center Fountain
  19. I helped kids try marbling at the Art in the Garden festival at the Ballard Pea Patch.
    Marbling with Len
  20. We went to an incredible Seafair party where it seemed like the Blue Angels would take the roof off, ate the meat of the future, and had ice cream made with liquid nitrogen.  Below are pictures of the scaffolding used to hoist the meat into a pyre, and of the liquid nitrogen cloud, which felt so good on that sweltering day.
    Cookingthe meat of the futureLiquid Nitrogen Ice Cream
  21. The kids took tennis lessons.
  22. I did free yoga at the sculpture park.
  23. We tried doing batik.
    Batik Stars
  24. We had lots of play-dates and sleepovers.  The favorite activity for play-dates was hanging out on the roof of the shed or carport.
    Playdate on the Shed Roof
  25. We spent a weekend in Suncadia at our friends’ beautiful new ‘cabin’ and watched the meteor showers.
    Suncadia Cabin
  26. We did the zip line and other rides at Seattle Center.
    Rock Climbing at Seattle Center
  27. We went to the Anacortes Arts Festival.
  28. The kids covered a chair in duct tape.  They went a bit duct tape crazy this summer after their cousin Kyla brought duct tape to the beach and showed them how to make flowers and wallets with it.  So I let them cover an old vinyl chair I had gotten for free from my office.  They spent all afternoon working on it.  Miles did the top half, Nadine the bottom.  Anyone who knows them probably could have guessed that.
    Duct tape chair
  29. We went to a Mariner’s game.
    Foam Fingers at the Mariner's Game
  30. The kids had their ‘big party’ with water balloons and super soakers.  It was fun, even though a lot of our friends were on vacation and it was a bit chilly.
  31. We spent time at skateboard parks and bike parks.
    Miles at the skate park
  32. We rode ‘the big wheel’.
    The big wheel
  33. I got whisked away to Victoria.
  34. We went camping.
  35. We went fishing at a great little spot called Beaver Lake.  We didn’t catch anything, except a few branches from the trees overhead.  But we had fun.
    Fishing at Beaver Lake
  36. We went hiking.
  37. We went sailing in an old boat Todd’s grandpa built that Ben (Todd’s dad) restored with a paint job and windsurf sail.  The kids loved it.
    Grandpa's Sailboat
  38. We rode our bikes around Lake Union.
    Lake Union Houseboats
  39. We picked blackberries, and made delicious blackberry crisp.  And we’re not done.  I want to pick a whole bunch more to freeze and make blackberry jam.
  40. We harvested tomatoes, potatoes, green beans, beets, peppers, zucchini, and lettuce from our garden.
    Garden Harvest

Wow, that’s a pretty big list!  And I’m sure I’m forgetting a few things.  And I’m also sure that Todd was right.  I will never regret taking the summer off to spend with my kids.

4 thoughts on “What We Did Over Summer Vacation

  1. Show off! You are putting all of us long time, super tan, stay @ home moms to shame! We don’t even do lists anymore much less try to check them off. One craft and one field trip make for a good summer in our family!

    • You are being very modest! I know you what you did this summer, and it’s pretty impressive. What about the Florida Keys, Callawassie Island a few times, swim team, la cross? Shall I continue???? xo

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